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Women in the community are invited to attend a special women's mini-retreat on March 4 from 10:00 -1:00 p.m. at Heritage Church. In the Be Still and Know mini-retreat series, part one, facilitated by Jolana Bostwick of Peak Potential Ministries, participants will learn how to identify and remove distractions that can keep them from experiencing a deeper connection with God so that they can find stillness with Him. We will focus on recognizing opportunities for stillness to hear from the Lord. The Lord gives special instructions in our stillness, but have we paused to identify His presence in all things? This mini-retreat will provide a space to identify the importance of connecting with God.

Interested in attending? Reach out to Jolana at by Wednesday, March 1.


Deadline to Register is Mar. 1.

Thanks for registering!

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